Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trip to Austin, Pt. 2.

Sunday was not a day of rest, it was a day to drink beer under the bridge. McNair and Hitz had flown the coop, so Maria scooped me and we found this gem of a DIY spot: Banister. Killer session, wish I as skating right now, but these guys killed it. Cool scene. Rip dog ripping.
 Weedboner, FSA.
 Anthony, High speed FSG off the end and back into the bank.
 Connor, FS Rock.

Kiwi Max, blasting FSA.
Last noght of the show, and Maria and I checked out Rocket from the Crypt and the Murder City Devils. Thanks again Maria and all my buddies in Austin for making this a killer time! Hopefully see you next year!

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