Sunday, August 10, 2014

Attleboro Session! Surf Fest IV!

 I haven't skated in over two months. It's fucking driving me crazy. After breaking my arm on my birthday -- a nasty break through the head of the humerus -- and spending all winter with a broken wing, I was looking forward to skating all summer. I took some runs in May, and things were looking up. I trip to Phoenix in June had me stoked -- skated some pools. but coming home my knee was sore. I ignored it and skated a few more sessions, at Hellgate, Attleboro, and Sam's. In fact, the last time I skated was the last time I posted -- my knee gave out after that. I thought I could rest it for a while and it would get better, but it just got worse and I became completely hobbled. First trip to the doctor led to a diagnosis of a bone bruise, and to see someone else if it didn't get better soon. A couple weeks later it was worsening, and I had to go to an urgent care clinic on July 4 as I couldn't walk, which led to the MRI. The next Dr. said the MRI looked clean, and gave me a shot of cortisone. If it still hurt in 2 weeks, I had to go back. Two weeks later and I still couldn't walk properly, and as he entered his office, he remembered me, told me he would refund my co-pay because he couldn't do anything about it, and told me to see a third Dr. The third Dr. said it was likely a radial tear in my meniscus, which might not show up in the MRI. He said I could opt for surgery or try to do PT to get stronger and take the pain away. I told him I would go for the latter, but my knee continues to get worse. I'm signing the consent for for surgery Tuesday and will schedule it as soon as possible. This will be my fourth knee surgery, second on my left knee, and my 10th surgery overall. Summer is out, but I hope to catch some fall sessions before hell freezes over.

Been working on some bikes and my truck. And I've caught a few sessions. Yesterday we did some work on a DIY spot in Providence, went for a swim in Sloppy Sam's pool, then hit Attleboro. I was happy to be a spectator and shoot some photos. I miss Attleboro; last year I was there twice a week. Below, local Ben has gotten better and better, buttery FS Smith.

 Dusty blasts a lien -- not the best angle, and the flash kinda bounced off his pale hide, but you get the point. Below, Pete Stroke has a much bigger bag of tricks than the last time I saw him skate, and powered through BS roll ins. I've been into taking roll in photos later...
Couple weeks ago caught the Water Bros Surf Fest IV. Thrasher ran a brief web deal (here), but here are a couple more: Top, Dug e Death FS boneless, and below TA rips a FSG. Thanks for the good times!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Evidence CLVII: Permission to Ride

Made a couple calls, and it was on: permission pool not too far away, but it needed some work. Brought the pump, pumped it, and commenced commencing. Davey catches a lipslide.
 Dusty smiths the shallow.
 Doug does the drop.
 Dalba on a front feeble -- didn't make this one, I shot a shit-ton of bails but he made it right after I put my camera down, so sue me. Below, Bruce Juice does the rock 'n' roll, and he outlasted all of us.
 Doug and Dusty on clean up duty. Below: Doug get's wet.
 Nice day for a ride.
 Young Will snaps a clean swooper.
Big Tim hucks a FSA. Thanks to all for the good times, let's keep rolling (although I am tkaing apause from rolling with a bone bruise -- ouch, be out for a couple weeks? Shit!).

Monday, June 16, 2014

Evidence CLVI: Last Days in Phoenix

My trip to PHX was winding down... I had don a shit ton of work to the house to get it ready for the new renters, but there was always some time to skate. Hoss had heard tale of a good one in Mesa, so we followed some coordinates and set sail. Turned out to be a bit of a stinker, but we got our grinds in. Left behind some evidence...
 And on the way home scoped another. A little dark, maybe this one will be around for next time?
 My last day in Phoenix we had a treat, thanks to Brian at Old Man Army. He'd been hitting a permission in Mesa that was slated for destruction, and we were gonna skate it the last day it was going. The owner had instructed the demo crew to leave the coping, so they did, but everything else was dirt. The sun fucked with your eyes for a while, but the transitions were buttery and the Anthony was not too cruel. Fun time, big session, open beers, and hoots and hollers, the way we like it. Below, Brian gets a BSG. I didn't take too many photos as I was skating the whole time...

 Frog, BSG.

 Craig, BSG.
 Was stoked to skate with Jean, been a long time sister!
Planted the evidence.
Always funny to see the jizz mobile. Dude ran through a jizz storm and still hasn't washed his car!
Had lunch with Trent at the Supreme Chicken. If red dye #5 don't scare you this shit is bomb diggity.

Thanks to all of my Phoenix friends for making my stay such a good one, wish I could have seen everyone I wanted to, glad I got to see the Father Figures but bummed I missed Scorpion Vs Tarantula, sorry for lighting off the roman candle Wes, I can't help it if I see fireworks, thanks for letting me ride your CB200 around Maaike -- now change that oil and get a new throttle cable!, thanks to the Bitches from Hell, thanks to the Scabs and the usual skate buddies, and the OMA dudes, Good to see Janet and Aiden and Jessica, and thanks to everyone who made my SD trip a blast too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Evidence CLV: Scam Diego

 It's a little out of order, but part two of my PHX trip actually took place in San Diego. Thrasher and vans sponsored a Zine Thing event, and since I write the column I flew out to check it out. Details on that below, but the best part of the trip was going to this pipe in east county the following morning with a couple friends. It's a low-key spot near a reservoir, and above is my buddy Craig Houston around 10 o'clock. After a quick session, it was run to the airport to catch my flight back to PHX.
 Left a little evidence...
 As someone else had? Vintage Road Riders sticker?
 But back to the day before... got to the event just as Sam Hitz was setting up the Larb display. Oozily eerie.
 Dr. Larb!
 Tod Swank had a shit ton of killer stuff in his collage, including some choice clippings.

 Killer photos from Ed and Deanna Templeton.
 When I arrived, there was some time to kill. I met Andy Jenkins and his son Emmett, and they offered to take me to the Oceanside skate park to roll around a little. Andy did the comic Wrench Pilot in TWS and has done some killer art over the years, super cool dude and it was a blast skating. Thanks guys!
 The deadbeat Club had some kill photos too.
 Rich Jacobs is working on some skate zine history, and had a collage of some legendary stuff on there.
 One last look at that pipo grande! Thanks a million to Rhino and Debbie, always killer to see you two and thanks once again for the crash spot! Thanks to Thrasher and Vans for the killer event! Great to see Michael Burnett -- shit homey, forgot to take a photo of your photos but the skate dad photo rules! Got to see East Coast legend Keith Lenharr for the first time in years and shoot some shit, and hang out with Sam!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Evidence CLIV: Return to Phoenix

Made a quick trip back to Phoenix to take care of some house stuff, do some skating and moto scavenging, and head to San Diego for a day. More barnified coverage coming soon, but here’s your first taste. Above: the evidence remains in a killer pool we skated a while ago. House is empty again. Below, Court gets in a couple licks. I didn't take many photos at this session since it was my first time skating a pool since I broke my arm.


 I'm not a big fan of posting photos of myself, but Hoss got me in a grind over the ladder, slo-mo style.

 Made a side trip to Stan's. On this trip to PHX, I had some motorcycle stuff I was looking for. Stan's got a yard of about 40 bikes in various states of disrepair, and I was looking for an option for a CB350F exhaust. Didn't find anything, but had a hoot chatting with Stan, who raced Indians and BSAs in the 1950s. He's got dogs running all over, including inside the house, and it smells like piss and shit, but there's some cool stuff there. Just don't ask me where it is: those who know don't tell, those who tell don't know. Below, his 1939 Indian, and below that, his 1950's BSA 500cc single racer.

Since Stan didn't have what I was after, I made a couple trips to Bob's salvage. Love those guys, love that place, and came outta there with new tires and tubes, 350F exhaust, 350F tool tray, and a bunch of bits and pieces I was after or will use in the future. Also a touch of the heat stroke after a couple of hours digging around aqnd pulling shit in the yard on a 108-degree day. I also spotted a couple CB125s -- I had one on the line here in MA but hadn't seen it up close, so I wanted to make sure I could get rims, exhaust and a carb if I needed to. Yep, Bob's had a couple.
ASU, such a progressive place with their longboard racks. Talk about Barnified!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Big Party time in the NE! Tonight, Choppahead's pre-show party, great bands, sick bikes, and I'll be playing records for your entertainment!
I'm crossing what's left of my fingers for good weather tomorrow -- it's the 5.9 annual party, skate session all day at Attleboro, and then a show later in Providence. Rumors are flying about barbequeing animals as well. I'm hungry...
And speaking of hungry, who wants a hot dog? I'm headed back to Phoenix for a few days in late May and early June, and will be doing a night of strictly 7"s at the Time Out. Instead of only playing soul, punk or garage, I'm gonna play whatever I feel like. See you there, mothertruckers! It'll be hot out, so like our friend on the motorcycle, feel free to show up in nothing but a leather hat.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back in the Saddle

 I'm back. Started skating again. I've skated Attleboro once, and Doug's ramp a few times. The arm isn't quite 100%, still needs some work on flexibility and strength, and I don't want to take a hard slam, but that hasn't stopped me from scratching some grinds and cruising around. Skateboarding is the best. Above, Brewce Martin of Skatopia, FSG, and below, Pete Stroke, more of the same.

D-Rog, BSA over the weird hip. Tried to shoot this a couple different ways with a long lens, didn't come out as well as I'd like, but it's a lot gnarlier than it looks.
 Been seeing some great shows too. Shitty cell phone photos don't do them justice, but above is Jonathan Richman (who, as he told us in one of his several between-song amusing anecdotes, is from the Dick!). Such a fun time, funny banter, great music. All time great!
 Saw Dirty Fences in Providence (and tried to skate a couple DIY spots). Killer show, but the opening and headlining bands kind of blew. when Dirty Fences played, this dude in the mink jacket walked in and started dancing around. Ruler. Looks like he might be one of Rhino's relatives.
 The Banditas are Boston band, sultry singer, the opened for Holly Golightly. Cool garage, some choice covers.
 And Holly Golightly. She's legendary, and her new stuff is not like the stuff she did with thee Headcoatees. Very Americana, some funny stuff in there too, great show. I had a +1 and because I know so few people here couldn't find anyone to go with, so I went by myself. I lurked outside trying to give away my +1, but I think people thought I was weird or trying to sell them a ticket.
And this is gonna be great. I'm gonna play records at the ramp all day, and I think in between bands at the show? Dunno, I guess I'll find out. Come out and have a good time!