Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heebie Jeebies for Girls on CBs! Part 6

Well, they're not really girls, but they have long hair? And although it is technically a CB, it's that butt-ugly (but kinda torquey) 1978+ CB400 twin, the Hawk. Shit, nobody is questioning their rock 'n' roll bonafides, but Gene Simmons sure is an idiot, so I guess he would go for that dumpy looking piece of orange shit.
This young lady is back on the program with a CB550 -- nicely done, lass! I'd recommend pushing the forks back into their proper position, however, as running them through the triple tree like that changes the geometry pretty drastically and may make your ride shitty, not to mention the possibility of your fender hitting the head pipes. What's that? You're not running a fender? I should have known. Hope your forks don't twist up.

The CB200 cafe racer! Sweet little runner! Not the most sensible shoes, young lady, but there you go. Another fan of the no-fender look, with even skinnier forks! And why not throw a saddle bag on there! Magical!
 This one is near and dear to my heart: CB350F! Beautiful bikes! And what's that? A hint of sideboob? SO HOT RIGHT NOW!
 This lass has sensible riding boots on at least! And a brand spanking new CB500! Nicely done.
And again with the sensible footwear! Way to go, lass! Wherever these girls are it must be so hot that wearing pants is simply not an option. I ;ived in Phoenix for 15 years, sisters, I know how you feel.

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