Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heebie Jeebies for Girls on CBs! part 7

 Man, I spend a little time poking around some of the forums for bikes, for the stockers and cafe racer crowd, and it's a lot of young, clueless, bearded dudes building unsafe bikes and a lot of old, bitter dudes calling them out for it. It's become this sort of fountain of bullshit and negativity, and I sometimes have to take stock and look away from the fray. Aesthetics and safety don't have to be opposite sides of a continuum. The other thing to bitch about is the explosion of videos of dudes wrenching on their bikes, with the requisite flannel, beard, and angle grinder throwing sparks. It's become so prevalent that there are tons of videos making fun of them, but that are somewhat hard to distinguish from the real ones since they're all so ridiculous. I just want my arm to heal up and the weather to get nice -- although I went for a brief spin up and down the road yesterday just to get one of my bikes started. Anyway, how about that CB750 and it's crew above? Now that's one way to ride.
 This one unfortunately falls into the not-so-great ideas category, and here I am  bitching again. No front fender or fork brace, and those tires were state of the art in 1940 but not so functional these days. Brat seats are so hot right now, but at least there's a double front disc on this murdered out -- isn't that what the kids call spray painting the entire thing black these days? -- CB550.
 The CB400F has always been elegant, and this one's mostly a stocker save the seat, chopped front fender, and upgraded master cylinder. Maybe the gauges are different too?
Stoked on girls who ride. I think this is the Eastside Moto Babes? Shit, can't remember where I got the photo. CB550. CB400F, looks like a CB500T? Not sure what that twin is, and a Beemer of course.

 Frosty CB750.

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